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Cariboo Growers


Philip Myatovic

“Fresh Produce, Locally Grown”


Products: Vegetables

Cariboo Growers is a sustained farming operation in Prince George, B.C. Fresh produce such as carrots, cabbage, beets, broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, turnips, kale, garlic, herbs, and zucchini are grown in sandy northern upland soils. We believe we have been growing the healthiest vegetables that can be supplied by our farm to the community, by using crop rotation and traditional farming.

Our commitment to farming and feeding the community is enhanced by our curiosity in learning new techniques and trying new open-pollinated varieties of vegetables. Marketing is done through the Farmers’ Markets, Super Markets, Good Food Box, and at the Farm. 

“We live here, our roots are here.”



4131 Northwood Pulpmill Rd.

Prince George, B.C. 


Phone: 250 962 6574

Fax: 250 962 9754


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