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Ozay Jewellery

Operator: Brenda Langlois

Inspired by the traditional art of Bali, Ozay’s jewelry is uniquely hand-crafted and individually sculpted. Each design embodies the heart and soul of the ancient culture of Bali and expresses the veneration and respect of the primitive beauty of nature. Ozay designs are infused with a passion that can be felt.


Production Method:

Our sterling silver designs are created using the lost wax casting technique. The process of lost wax casting starts with a sculptor crafting a representation of the desired piece out of wax or clay, creating a pattern with the same intricate detail that will appear on the metal piece of jewelry in its final form. The wax pattern is then attached to a “sprue base” which is made of durable rubber. The metal flask fits into the “sprue base” and plaster will be poured over the wax pattern. Once encased in plaster, the wax pattern will cure and dry. After the chunk of plaster has been allowed to dry it is then placed in a hot kiln.  As temperatures rise, the wax within is melted and eradicated, hence the name "lost wax." The result of this stage is a strong mold with a hollow opening in the shape of the original wax design. In the kiln, the burnout times are anywhere from 5 - 12 hours.  The flask is then taken out of the kiln and placed in the centrifuge. In the meantime, a crucible will be heated. When the crucible is red hot, it will be placed in the centrifuge and the metal is poured into it. The crucible sits tightly against the flask which holds the negative impression made by the burned out wax pattern.  When the metal is completely liquefied, the centrifuge will start to spin very quickly forcing the liquid metal into the flask. When the metal is cold, the whole flask, containing the plaster and metal jewelry items is then quenched in a bucket of cold water. The plaster is then chipped away to reveal the rough metal piece. The metal is then washed in vinegar, dried and ready for stone mounting. The first step is to bur a seat or open the prongs to exactly or slightly smaller diameter than the stone itself. When the seat is right, the edges of the metal are smoothed, and the stone is ready to set. The stone are then tacked by slightly bent the prongs to hold the stone in place. Each individual prong is pushed over the stone, around in a continuous pattern. The piece is then polished to its final, lustrous state.

The Nature Collection: 

Our Nature Collection is created using the brass wire wrapping technique. Wire wrapping is a jewelry-making technique for setting stones and shell without soldering, chemicals or machinery. The Nature Collection combines sea shell, fresh water pearls, agates, dyed howlite reconstructed turquoise, stingray leather, brass wired and cotton wax cords.

The Luxe Collection: 

Our Luxe Collection combines Sterling Silver .925 with incrustations of 18 karats Yellow Gold and premium quality Gemstones including blue topaz, amethyst, garnet, peridot, citrine and smoke topaz.

The Sport Collection:

Our Sport Collection combines seed beads, mother of pearl, black onyx, red sponge coral, sea shell and fresh water pearls.

Pricing structure:

Nature Collection : Prices are from $20.00 to 40.00

Luxe Collection : Prices vary according to the price of silver and gemstones on the International Exchange Market.

Sport Collection : Prices are from $25.00 to 60.00

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